Taking a little break…..

So as life would have it, I’m super busy at the moment, and because of my lack of posts recently, I wanted to explain.

I graduated early 2014 with a Sociology degree from the University of Birmingham. I was super happy that I managed it, as in my final year, after batch after batch of tonsillitis, I had something called CMV (weird kinda strain of glandular fever) which hit me really hard. I was referred to a haematology and oncology specialist who was absolutely lovely and made me feel so much better, pyschologically if not physically. I had some blood transfusions and I seemed to be on the mend, although I still have really really tired days.

So after all that I decided to go travelling. First stop was Argentina, passing through Chile and Bolivia and finishing in Peru. Next was the Yasawa islands in Fiji, and finally a tour through the north island of New Zealand. I came back home feeling exhilarated and ready for my next adventure, whatever that may be.

The problem was I had no clue what I wanted to do. I’d always had an inkling that I might like nursing. With my boyfriend and his bowel problems, my Mom and her fibromyalgia, my Nan having alzheimer’s and my brother having high functioning autism, I’ve always felt that I’ve been pushed into caring roles, which I find challenging but so so worthwhile and meaningful.

It’s taken me 9 months to have enough belief and encouragement to follow this somewhat dream…. yes, I suppose it is a dream!

So I am currently looking at universities (this feels so surreal) in the hope of studying nursing, whether that be at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. I am also working as a health care assistant in a care home, which is sapping so much of my time and energy, that baking and food is taking a little bit of a back burner at the moment.

Do not fear, I’m still baking my classics on a weekly basis, but the experiments and complicated bakes are not on my priority list.

So what I am attempting to express, is that I am taking a little break from the blog, however I didn’t want to just disappear and stop posting without any explanation.

So there’s my explanation!

Thank you for those who have become regulars, I will still be scrolling through your yummy recipes and posts, and may or may not, post every now and then, just to let ya’ll know I’m still alive.

Wish me luck!




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