Summer Feeling: Juicing & A Lizard!

It’s that time of year again, when we all begin to get a little bit excited over the slowly warming weather and sunny sun. Well I know I certainly do, especially when it comes to the time when I can wear normal shoes up the field, rather than wellies!

Over the summer just gone and the spring of this year, I started to walk with my dad and Wilfy to our field every morning and most afternoons. I’ve come to learn most names of the trees in the field; Willow, Silver Poplar, the fruit in the orchard; damsons, oranges, and the birds around us; nightingales, buzzards. I’m beginning to identify what animals are creating the holes and burrows in the ground: badgers, moles, rabbits, hares, voles, foxes etc.

So I can now celebrate with great enthusiasm alongside my dad as the Blackthorn has started to blossom: finally!


How beautiful is that?!

So I may have got really really excited and bought a load of fresh fruit and veg; anyone up for a smoothie and juicing marathon?



So here are a list of new yummy juicing ideas (click here for old inspiration) – if you don’t have a juicer, you can always turn these ideas into a smoothie (just add some yogurt, fruit juice or lemonade to the recipe and that will usually taste pretty yummy!)

Or just look at the pretty colourful pictures cause they look super yum 🙂



Apple, Kiwi & Strawberry Juice

6 apples

2 kiwis

Big handful of strawberries

Other fun combinations I’ve made:

Mango, pineapple & pear

Nectarine, apple & orange

Peach, pear & kiwi

Now here’s an unusual twist to my post…

You get a small amount of pulp when using our juicer, and since I hate waste I had a good think about how I could use this leftover mush (I have yet to test it in any baking recipes!)………..


We have a pet lizard called Gizmo and it’s only just occurred to me that he would just LOVE this fruit pulp!


Other than munching on crickets, Gizmo loves mashed up fruit, and we usually just feed him baby food, but now he is absolutely loving this fresh fruit…. and here’s the little monster himself!


Bet you weren’t expecting that on a foodie blog post!


Summer Morning Juice


So every morning I wake up, go downstairs, search through my cupboard of cereal, and have a good long think about what I fancy for breakfast. I’m one of those awful people who mix their cereal together, mainly healthy and fruity with a bit of sweet or chocolate. This usually happens between 7-8am.

By 10 or 11 I am starving. I walk my whippet Wilfy usually 3 times a day, but the early morning walk is the crucial one. We run about in the field, fresh with energy (yes I’m also one of those awful morning people). So I am always in search of something that will keep me fuller for longer.

Porridge of course is a winner, that will come later on in my blog do not worry! But one of the only other things I find satisfying is fruit – and a lot of it.

Last summer, my dad bought a juicer. It looks more like a spaceship, but somehow you can put a whole piece of whatever fruit you fancy in a little sucker tube thingy – and hey presto it squirts fresh fruit juice at you (on many occasion I have forgotten to put a jug under the squirty thingy and let me tell you that has ended in a very messy disaster!).

It became a bit of an obsessive thing, find as much fruit as possible, throw it in the sucky tube thingy and watch in awe as it literally uses every bit of the fruit (no waste) and produces your morning juice for you! In the summer we’d go pick whatever fruit was in season, and then buy a few pineapples, melons, mangoes etc. to bulk it out, and just go juice crazy!

So here are a few pictures of the fruit we picked from the field, and some of the juices I created.

Trust me they are tasty!

(if you don’t have a juicer don’t worry, a smoothie is definitely (almost) as good, you just have to peel and stone the fruit, whereas with this magic juicer you only have to remove large stones – and it’s a lot juicier – your smoothie with be considerably thicker)





 Wilfy loved helping us pick the fruit and tried to eat most of it (he’s also a massive poser)





The Green-y looking juice:

4 kiwis

2 apples

2 pears

Handful of green grapes

The Pink-y looking juice:

Handful of blackberries

Handful of raspberries

4 apples

Other suggestions:

2 oranges, half pineapple, half mango

half cantaloupe melon, 2 apples, 2 pears

handful of cranberries, 1 grapefruit

handful of blueberries and raspberries, half watermelon