REPOST: First things first – the CAPPUCCINO CAKE!

It’s the weekend guys!

Yesterday was a day of small celebrations – my Grandad has finally made it home after a batch of visits in the hospital…. we aren’t in the clear but it’s just so so good to have him home and spend time with him.

So of course I had to bake a cake – back to my favourite recipe and all time classic – the CAPPUCCINO CAKE!

It has to be in capitals to emphasis just how much I love it along with everyone else, but most importantly, my Grandad.

Enjoy ❤

(here’s a snippet of the old post – click the link at the bottom to go back to my first ever blog post – wow it seems so long ago!) (don’t worry it’s not spam or anything – I promise it goes to the recipe and original post)


“It only seems right to start off my new blog with a special family favourite I’ve been baking since goodness knows when: the CAPPUCCINO CAKE.

I put this in capital letters, of course to emphasise just how AMAZING it is. It’s a classic. My mom and dad love their coffee. We recently joined the Tassimo club and it has been full steam ahead ever since. My dad is semi-retired and still seems to have a lot of work on the go; what with consultation work, being part of boards and committees, owning a field to maintain, growing an extraordinary beard and being a professor and all that, he needs his coffee. Mom runs around helping everyone and doing everything, so she needs her energy boosts when she can get them……”

Click here for the rest of the post and recipe! 


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