Spring Is Coming!


Me and Wilfy have been busy outside enjoying the sunny weather for the past few days, so no cakey goodies at the moment.

Watch out… I might get a little emotional in a minute…

I LOVE spring. I think it’s my favourite season. For many reasons, I have fond memories – my Nan and Grandad always used to visit, it was holiday time for me and my brothers, a genuine excitement for what type of Easter egg we might get (we were all very different and had very specific preferences!), baking yummy treats usually involving rice crispies and chocolate eggs, Easter church service remembering what Easter is actually about, then came Sunday lunch afterwards at a local pub (anyone from England reading this will know how important and amazing Sunday roasts are!) and generally time spent with family.

I also received my most favourite and treasured present in the whole entire world – Wilfy. My best friend. He was born on March the 25th and I got him a few weeks later.

As I’ve got older, the memories are just as strong, but I’ve learnt to appreciate other things… like how the sun starts to shine, the land starts to come to life after being asleep for what seems a very long time. Brown transforms into bright yellows and pink. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers and they are everywhere at the moment. Mother’s day has also just passed, so my gift to Mom was a big pot of Narcissus bulbs. Sweet pink blossom has started to appear in our garden, and there are tiny little bulbs starting to appear on the trees in our field.

As we walk up the lane where our field is, there are little lambs running and playing in the nearby fields.

I feel like Spring is the season of rejuvenation and regrowth and I feel like I am slowly coming out of the cold winter, and opening my eyes to the sunny countryside of England and Wales (we live right on the border).

So naturally, me and Wilfy have enjoyed the outside over the past few days, and naturally I’ve recharged my batteries for my fancy camera to take some fancy pictures. And I’ve loved every second of it, the smells and the colours, getting into precarious positions just to get that perfect shot!

I’m definitely a country girl at heart – I love the fresh air and wildlife. So does Wilfy, he’s in constant search of a rabbit and every Whippet owner knows that a Whippy is in constant search of a sun pocket to bask in.

So there you go, that has been my past week! Now expect some yummy recipes up soon – Easter baking is super fun!


The first Lesser Celandine to bloom




Listening out for those rabbits!



Two Canadian geese and a Welsh goose have taken to our lake









View on the Sandstone Trail, Cheshire

 Cheshire view


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