Heaven On Earth – Malteser Buns!


I’ve been waiting to share this one with the world… and I think I’m finally ready. For a long time I genuinely believed that my boyfriend’s mum created this recipe (deep down I still do). I was told a story which goes something like this…

“Rosamund (Gavin’s mum) made Michael (Gavin’s dad) some malteser buns to take into work… he works for M&S (for those who aren’t from the UK – Marks and Spencer, M&S, Marks and Sparks, is one of the biggest and oldest classically ‘British’ stores that sells reasonably expensive food which is pretty yummy and where you usually go for special occasions… or if you’re pretty rich, most days for your local shop (phew glad we got that sorted) anyway, Michael was in a meeting in the London Head Office with some of the ‘big guys’ who work for M&S, and he decided to offer some of these malteser buns around…. since then, every time he meets with these managers, buyers, sellers and owners of M&S, they make a request that Rosamund make a large batch, to hep them get through the meetings. We all wonder why M&S haven’t started selling them, we think they want to keep it top secret”

So that’s the story. Not too exciting but when you try the recipe you’ll understand just how colossal this is.

However my world was kind of broken a little, when Gavin wasn’t answering his phone to remind me of the amount of butter that was needed, and I decided to google ‘malteser bun’, just out of interest…. nightmare scenario: I found where Rosamund had stolen the recipe from!!

As I mentioned in my Brownie post Rosamund is from Northern Ireland, and she’s a really good cook – she definitely has that Irish flare in her – producing homely food and baking. Now I’ve stolen quite a few of her recipes that I presumed had come over with her when she moved to England.

WELL…. here on google, was a Presbyterian Church, found in a little village in Ireland, that had the recipe on their website… and in my little world I’ve now run away with the idea and am convinced that that’s where Rosamund has got it from!

SHOCKER! I was a little gutted inside, as I genuinely believed she was the master and creator of such a brilliant, classic and simple recipe… 

However I then came to the conclusion that most of us ‘borrow’ or ‘steal’ in some respect… we pick and choose which recipes and ingredients we like, taking inspiration from others and their recipes, especially the guys who actually really know what they’re talking about when it comes to food – not us foodie bloggers 😉

But it made me smile, as I realised that we all share our ideas and recipes that we enjoy baking and eating, and I love the idea that someone might steal one of my recipes, which I most definitely have stolen from someone else.

So there we have it – food for thought!

More importantly, after me rambling on like this, you have finally got to the most AMAZING recipe EVER. As my Mom describes them: “They are the perfect blend of a chocolate bar, a cake and a biscuit”. It doesn’t involve baking anything in the oven (WHAT!) and it literally involves one mixing bowl (WHAT!!) so here it is:

p.s. please please please serve with a cup of yorkshire tea – it goes down so well and you will want about 5 squares but it’s okay – you’ll be in heaven they are SO good.

Malteser Buns

250g crushed digestive biscuits

100g butter

200g milk chocolate

3 tbsp golden syrup

225g maltesers

100g white chocolate

  1. Melt the butter, chocolate and syrup together
  2. Remove from the heat and mix in the crushed digestive biscuits
  3. Add the maltesers (leaving a handful for later) – I like to crush half and leave the rest whole
  4. Mix altogether then spoon into a greased baking tin and chill in the fridge until set
  5. Melt the white chocolate and pour this over the top of the set mixture
  6. Sprinkle over the remaining maltesers – crushed and whole
  7. Sit back and ENJOY!


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